How Do You Use Vivint's Mobile App?

Vivint's mobile app takes your home's security, automation, and peace of mind to the next level. Whether you have an iPhone®, Blackberry®, Android® device, or a laptop, the Vivint mobile app is your magic wand. You can make sure everything at home is always as it should be, no matter where you are.


The safety of your home and loved ones is never more secure than when you have the ability to take care of them right at your fingertips. The Vivint app lets you check in at home from any mobile device with web access. This means your phone can help you do a lot more than talk to your kids after school.

With Vivint’s mobile app and motion-sensitive surveillance cameras you can actually see your children’s happy faces, make sure they get started on homework, and steer them from the cupcakes to a more healthy after-school snack — all from the office, PTA meeting, or grocery store.

Vivint mobile also offers window and door sensors to alert you when entry points to your home are accessed. You can also add sensors and non-emergency alerts to let you know via text or email if anyone attempts to access sensitive areas like medicine cabinets, liquor cabinets, gun safes, or even the treat drawer.


Vivint’s mobile app is the next best thing to being in two places at once — and in addition to checking in on the comings and goings at your home, it also helps you be energy efficient. Remote access lets you adjust the thermostat, turn lamps on and off, and make sure small appliances aren’t draining your energy bill while you’re away.

You can also set your system to automatically adjust depending on whether your alarm system is armed or disarmed. That lets you keep things cooler while you’re out, but also helps you warm up the house in anticipation of your arrival.

And an unexpected late night at the office won’t leave you worried about what’s going on at home. You can turn on a lamp and even the TV to help deter potential burglars with the impression that you’re already home. In the spirit of energy efficiency, you can also change the automatic settings of your lights and thermostat to adjust to your expected arrival after the late-night board meeting.