What is Vivint SkyControl™

Vivint SkyControl™ is more than just home security, it’s home automation that doesn’t require a landline. The two centerpieces of Vivint SkyControl™ are the Vivint SkyControl™ Panel and the Vivint SkyControl™ App.

Both of these innovative components let you see more and do more—giving you convenient control over everything from your garage door to your Smart Thermostat. Plus, not only does Vivint SkyControl™ make managing your home easy, but it’s also affordable, starting at just $39.99 a month. Scroll down or call today to find out more about the Vivint SkyControl™ Panel and Vivint SkyControl™ App.

No landline required. Vivint app for smartphone & tablets

The Vivint SkyControl™ Panel works as your smart home hub, integrating and controlling popular home automation products like Nest® using the Internet of Things (IoT). On top of giving you convenient access to apps like Spotify and Amazon Prime, Vivint SkyControl™ maximizes high-tech Smart Thermostat features.

Get the local weather live streaming from the Weather Channel while you optimize your energy usage just by simply turning on your Vivint SkyControl™ Panel. When you connect your Vivint Smart Home today, you’ll enjoy cutting-edge technology, like your control panel, that’s also easy to use.

Integrate Nest® - Optimize energy with a Smart Thermostat!

In addition to home automation, the Vivint SkyControl™ panel acts as your home security hub. This control panel allows you to access security cameras, arm and disarm your system, issue fire and smoke warnings, and sound the panic alarm, all in one place. Check out security camera footage while you’re hanging out at home or arm your system as you’re stepping out for the evening, the Vivint SkyControl™ panel makes home security easy and convenient. And, if you happen to get in a bind, you can contact Vivint monitoring professionals 24/7/365 using your Vivint SkyControl™ Panel.

Control your home security system - Interact with monitoring professionals 24/7/365

What can I control with the Vivint SkyControl™ App?

Once you are a Vivint customer, all you need is a smartphone or tablet and you can download the Vivint SkyControl™ App for FREE. Once your app is downloaded, you’ll enjoy 24/7/365 home security monitoring, be able to unlock and lock your doors, watch live footage from your Vivint Doorbell Camera™, and more from virtually anywhere. Not only that, but the Vivint SkyControl™ App is simple to navigate and allows you to get home alerts and notifications right on your smartphone or tablet. The Vivint SkyControl™ App gives you more control, helping you feel more secure while you’re away.

Although the Vivint SkyControl™ App is highly rated for being user friendly, you can do some pretty complex stuff from the palm of your hand. Depending on which Vivint package you choose, the Vivint SkyControl™ App gives you various levels of control over your Vivint Smart Home. Only the Home Automation Monitoring, in fact, allows you to get maximum mobile control with your Vivint SkyControl™ App. Here’s a more complete list of the equipment, features, and services you can control or interact with using the Vivint SkyControl™ App when you order Smart Complete today:

Downloading the Vivint SkyControl™ App is simple

Once you’ve set up your online account and online access to your system, all you have to do is the following: Go to your Apple App Store or Google Play. Download your Vivint SkyControl™ App. log in using your Vivint email & password