What can you do with a Vivint Doorbell Camera?

When you let people into your life, chances are you’ll let them in your front door, too. With the Vivint Doorbell Camera you can see, hear, and speak to visitors at your door—even if you’re not home. Say goodbye to unwanted visitors and hello to your family and friends. In fact, your video doorbell even allows you to unlock your door for friends and family, and receive notifications from your cellphone or any web-enabled device. Plus, you’ll get a fuller picture day-or-night thanks to night vision and a 180 degree view of your front door. Whether you’re making dinner at home or out on the town with friends, your wireless doorbell camera will help you let the right people into your life.

  • Photoelectric detector
  • Built in 85 cBa alarm
  • 5 year lithium-battery
  • Tamper-proof

The Vivint Doorbell Camera is available exclusively with the Smart Control package. When you choose Smart Control today, you’ll not only get a wireless doorbell camera, but a ton of other automated home features like remote door access and smart temperature control. That’s a ton of stuff you can control and customize with your vivintSmartHome™ package.

Which doorbell camera features are customizable?

The wireless doorbell camera comes with a variety of customizable features. Using the Vivint Sky app, for instance, you can customize notifications related to alarm settings, camera recording, and door locking. Apart from managing notifications on your phone, you can also change your doorbell chime, adjust both its tone and volume, and manage video pop-ups that appear when people ring your doorbell camera. Not only that, but you can customize the video quality settings and turn the LED camera light on or off—maximizing your ability to monitor the goings-on at your front door. Customizing your doorbell camera is easy to do and helps you protect what matters most.

  • Customize Notifications
  • Change doorbell chime
  • Adjust light and video settings

Which Vivint features can you control from your phone?

On top of your doorbell camera notifications, you can also control a ton of vivint.SmartHome™ features from any web-enabled device. When you download the Vivint Sky app for free, you’ll be able to view live and recorded video, arm and disarm your system, lock and unlock your front door, and open and close your garage door, all from the palm of your hand**. Never worry about important packages being left in the driveway or guests being locked out ever again, with the Vivint Sky app you’ll feel more secure in your smart home.

  • Watch live & recorded video**
  • Arm & disarm your alarm remotely**
  • Lock and unlock your door remotely**

All of these features—including the Vivint Doorbell Camera—are available with the Smart Control package, which allows you to automate your home at a reasonable price. Click here to learn more about Vivint smart home and security packages, and maximize your wireless doorbell camera today.